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12-14-10: Epic Failure

So like I said I haven't had time to do a lot of projects lately, but I did take on a couple of contest entries in hopes of winning cash and prizes. Of course, that didn't work out at all...

First was an entry into Kingston's SSDNOW video contest. The contest was to make a video explaining how a Kingston SSDNOW drive could change your life. So I reprised my role as Napoleon Dynamite and took a shot at it. Based on a comment from a Kingston rep on facebook, I thought this would be a winning combination. 'Sure we love humor....' And most people that I showed it to thought it was hilarious and better than most of the other entries... BUT, I didn't win. And I didn't even place in the top 13... OUT OF 30! Which was very disappointing. Either they totally didn't get it, or were very strictly following the concept of 'changing your life', although I'll admit it wasnt the best quality thing I've ever done, but given the limited time and equipment I had to work with, I thought it turned out OK. So anyway, now you may laugh at my calamity and moreso laugh at me in the Napoleon outfit again:

Secondly, I've posted a new wallpaper, which was an entry for Andy Hunter's cover design contest for his new digital album. Read about it here: Collide


The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it...

...or at least none webhost exists that has actual support and is able to be contacted. As such, much of my database is lost, and with it all my image descriptions, etc. So I apologize for the lack. Hopefully one day it will return.

Nonetheless, the world has changed. I have a wife. I have a son. I have a house. And with these things I am left with little time for such things as artwork, web design, etc. Which is why it has taken me 2 months to resurrect this site from poor webhosting limbo. Not that it matters apparently, other than the ratio calculator, I don't get that many hits, and with good reason, as I haven't produced anything of significance in over 2 years. So I'm not saying it's over, but for now, other things have priority. And so I close, realizing that perhaps, the end has not yet been written.

7-14-07: God's Skateboard

Mr. Hodges of Bible Christian Outreach has written a new tract for the youth/skateboard culture, which I illustrated. Check out God's Skateboard. And we are getting these printed, so if you are interested in getting some copies, let us know.

4-7-07: New Image: Alive Forevermore

New resurrection themed picture. Get it in the Gallery and on Zazzle.

2-3-07: Smith vs. Dynamite

Continuum Films returns with a parody fanfilm of the Matrix and Napoleon Dynamite. Available on YouTube and Myspace Video.

11-18-06: New Image and Christmas Cards!

Born the King of Angels. Get it in the Gallery. Also see the new Christmas Card promotional page.

9-17-06: New Image: A Series of Tubes

Like the others.... Get it in the Gallery and on Zazzle.

6-26-06: Announcing Ninjitsoo!

Unfortunately, no one can be told what Ninjitsoo! is... You have to see it for yourself.

6-18-06: I'm a Google sellout...

As you may have noticed, I have ads and searchboxes from Google on the site now. I signed up for Google Adsense for another project which will be revealed shortly..., and I thought I'd make the most of it. I don't really expect to get rich off of this, just trying to cover the costs of hosting and stuff.

6-7-06: New Image: In the Morning Light

Like the others.... Get it in the Gallery and on Zazzle.

3-5-06: New Image: Audio Visual

Get it in the Gallery and on Zazzle.

1-6-06: New Image: Fluid Chaotic

Get it in the Gallery and on Zazzle.

10-18-05: 2006 Calendar

The Continuum 2006 Wall Calendar is now available on CafePress.

10-10-05: Snow Angel Christmas Cards

Because someone suggested it, I made 'Snow Angel' into a Christmas card on Zazzle.

9-21-05: Jumping on the Bandwagon...

I've put up a site on MySpace, just for the heck of it. Maybe I'll meet new people and get some free advertising for the website ;)

9-11-05: New Image: Master of the Sea

Get it in the Gallery and on Zazzle.

6-4-05: New Image: Solar Flare

Get it in the Gallery and on Zazzle.

5-1-05: Low Carb Christianity - Now Available!

My good friend James Hodges' newest book, Low Carb Christianity is now available at the Bible Christian Outreach site. I designed the cover and did the page layout and formatting. We're pleased with the results, check it out.

3-6-05: New Image: Virus

Get it in the Gallery and on Zazzle.

2-1-05: New Section: About

After all this time, I finally decided to do an 'about me' section. So if you ever wanted to know what this site is all about, check it out. I also have a brief history of the site, and information about the programs I use. 'About' on the navbar, or CLICK HERE.

1-7-05: New Image: Snow Angel

Happy New Year! This site design has been around for a year now, and I JUST realized that all the dates on the images were wrong. I had one wrong letter in my code that made the date the same as the numeric version of the month. Anyway, I fixed it, but amazing that it took me a year to catch that :-P
New image. Get it in the Gallery. Also with this image, I am starting a Zazzle.com gallery. Zazzle.com produces high quality poster prints. A lot of digital artists use this service, so I thought I would too. So GO BUY SOMETHING.

11-20-04: The Trail of Truth - Now Available!

Our long awaited book project, The Trail of Truth is finally completed and is now available to order. Visit our new website for information about the book at www.thetrailoftruth.com and tell your friends!

11-9-04: New Image: Entranced, and website updates

Sort-of new image, I actually did this a few months ago for an art contest, but I figured I'd make it a wallpaper as well. Get it in the Gallery
Also, I've been busy on the web design front. Check out the new designs for Bible Christian Outreach and Computer Barn.

8-24-04: New Image: Rings of the Lord

Finally did something new. Seems like I've been quite busy with work and other projects. The Trail of Truth is finally finished and in the publishing process right now! Check out the trailer I put together HERE (DivX AVI, 5.5 MB). A trailer for a book? Yes. It's been done before.
Anyway, new wallpaper. Another abstract with a fun play on words :) . Get it in the Gallery.

5-16-04: Digital Painting Study #2: Becky Banks

Another attempt to improve my digital painting skills. Read about it in the Gallery.

4-24-04: New Program: Javascript Ratio Calculator

Although I don't do much programming anymore, I wrote a simple ratio calculator in javascript. CLICK HERE.

4-6-04: Digital Painting Study #1: Arwen

A new image, a little different this time. Read about it and get wallpaper sized versions in the Gallery.

2-29-04: New Image: Malformation

An interesting abstract piece. Get it in the Gallery.

2-8-04: New Image: Wormhole

I haven't done an image in a while, and I just wanted to do SOMETHING. So I threw this together on a Sunday afternoon. Get it in the Gallery.

1-2-04: The Continuum: Reloaded

A new year, a new design. As I stated in my previous post, I'm not really doing a lot of experimental stuff due to time constraints, and a lot of content on the site was old and outdated. And after 2 years of the blue theme, a redesign was in order. And now it's done.

Introducing Continuum 6.0. A very significant redesign:
1) Back to white on black. Generally, I don't like light text on dark backgrounds as much on the web, since it's a little harder to read, but it fit the look I was going for this time around.
2) The new navbar. Oooooh, it fades...
3) The Gallery, which is now the main focus of the site. As such, I totally rewrote the script, and it's now database driven, which is much easier to manage and also gives YOU the ability to choose how you want to view it. It's now split by date into "current" (when I started doing better 2D and 3D work) and "archive" (early Photoshop stuff, not as good, so it's hidden by default ;-). Using the links at the top of the gallery page, you can choose which images you want to view, how to sort them, and whether you want just thumbnails or details on each image.
In addition to the new viewer, MANY of the images have been updated. I had updated the images anyway a few months ago when I did the Continuum 2004 Wall Calendar (which nobody bought) :-( , so I decided to take advantage of the higher resolution. Looking at some of my stats, I noticed that the two most widely used screen resolutions are 800x600 and 1024x768. Nobody uses 640x480 anymore, and not many people use 1600x1200, but since I had them in high res anyway, I went ahead and added 1600x1200 as well. I had gotten requests for it before, and that will also take care of any other resolutions over 1024. Windows does a pretty good job of downsizing wallpapers with the 'Stretch' option in Display Properties. Also note that the wallpaper resolutions are now integrated in the gallery, and no longer on a separate page.
4) Links has been updated and now has an index at the top for easier navigation. Some very good new links, check them out.
5) Most of the other content is now in the Archive section. Most pages are similar to the way they were before, with some added notes on each section. My software is now open source, go have fun with it. A lot of the old Motion Gallery was just effects tests, so a lot of those are gone.
6) The gospel never changes ;)
7) Also with the resolution statistics in mind, I've upped the 'recommended' resolution of the site to 1024x768. It still looks fine at 800x600.

That's most of what's been changed. Hopefully it will last for a while, I don't know how often I'll update. I am working full time now; however, one of my big projects from last year is nearing completion. During the whole year of 2003, I was working on artwork for 'The Trail of Truth', a children's book, with author James Hodges of BibleChristian.com. The artwork is now finished, and we are in the process of compiling the book and finding a publisher. Please pray that this will go as smoothly as possible, and that it might actually get published this year. For a bit of a preview, listen to the audio stream of the sermon James preached based on this book. CLICK HERE. And if you have ANY comments or suggestions about anything on this site, please email me at adam@continuum2.com. Happy new year (hopefully it will be).

11-21-03: New Image/Announcements

First, I would like to announce that myself and Mark Myers of BibleChristian.com have finished the new website for our church, AmazingGraceBaptist.com. Please check it out, we are very happy with how it turned out.

Secondly, today's update is a new image, The Princess of Daingean na Dideana. Although I've never been to Ireland, I've always loved pictures of the coastlines with rocky cliffs and old castles. I tried to do a picture of it a while back, but it wasn't very good. Now with more experience, I decided to try it again. Added a beautiful princess to make things a bit more interesting, and I came up with this picture. Hope you like it, it's available as Wallpaper. And since I'm sure you're wondering, Daingean na Dideana is Irish Gaelic for 'the fortress of shelter'.

Finally, as you've probably noticed, there haven't been too many updates this year. As I've said before, this is because I'm working full time now, and between work, church, and several side projects I've been involved in, I no longer have time to do as much experimental stuff as I'd like. I haven't posted any game reviews, even though I've played several good games this year (and I rarely have time to do THAT anymore either). You can get better reviews at IGN and GameSpot anyway, so it's not really worth my time. The Photoshop tutorials are somewhat dated (although they still work), and once again, there are a million photoshop tutorials on the web, most of them much better than mine.
So my intention is to eventually redesign the site and archive a lot of the older content, thereby making the focus of the site the artwork, which is probably the biggest section of the site already. And that will be greatly reorganized to focus on the newer (better) pictures. This is largely just a personal site anyway for me to try things out and post stuff so people can get to it. If anybody actually VISITS this site and cares about the content, any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

10-9-03: BUY MY STUFF: Part 2

I added a few items to the Continuum Cafepress Shop a couple weeks ago. The main item I'm promoting is the Continuum 2004 Wall Calendar, featuring 12 of my best digital artwork creations. I finally got my copy of it today, and it turned out quite well. It's interesting to see my stuff in print. Anyway, if you like my artwork, you'll definitely like the calendar. Makes a great Christmas gift ;).

8-17-03: BUY MY STUFF

Introducing the Continuum Cafepress Shop! If you're not familiar with CafePress, they're a really cool service that does on-demand printing for shirts, mugs, and a lot of other items. Best of all, it's free to the shopkeeper (for a basic store), and you can even make a profit on your items. So GO BUY SOMETHING. I only have a few items now, but look for more in the future.

Also, see my newest image AIRBLADE, in the Gallery. This was my entry for a F-Zero ship design contest on IGNBoards. Hopefully I will win ;)

7-12-03: New Image/Wallpaper: Blue Star II

An update to an older image of mine. The difference is very noticable. This was somewhat based on tutorials done by Greg Martin, who does incredible digital space paintings using only Photoshop (and he's a lot better than I am). Be sure to check out his site if you like the style. My image, as usual, is in the Static Gallery, and is also available as wallpaper.

4-27-03: New Image: Desktop Metaphor

Hey, remember me? The guy that runs the site? Sorry for the lack of updates, but I haven't had much in the way of new content as I actually finally got a JOB, so I don't have as much free time as before. Nonetheless, I have played a few cool games lately (ZELDA > YOU), and if I'm ever motivated, I may write reviews (like anybody actually reads them). This update is a new image, Desktop Metaphor, in the Gallery.

1-28-03: Site Change

The Static Gallery was getting a bit crowded, so I moved all the wallpapers off to their own page. All these pages can be accessed by the Art link above.

1-26-03: New Image/Wallpaper: BOOM

Available in the Static Gallery.

Also, if you haven't yet seen it, check out the new site design I did for BibleChristian.com. My picture is there on the site somewhere, look for it ;-).

12-17-02: Animated Wallpaper

Here's an idea I haven't really seen anywhere else, animated desktop wallpaper. A friend of mine had the idea and asked me to do it. It turned out better than I expected, so I'm releasing it now. I would really be interested to see what you think of the concept. Is this something you would like to see more of? It's Windows only, unless there is a way to display an HTML file as a desktop on other systems that I am unaware of. It's a winter/Christmas themed picture simply entitled 'Fireplace', and it's in the Static Gallery. And if I don't post again in the next week, I hope you have a very merry Christmas.

12-4-02: Metroid Prime review

Read my review of the excellent Metroid Prime in the Games section.

11-18-02:Game reviews

Hooray for Blockbuster free rental coupons ;-). Read my reviews of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 and Super Monkey Ball 2

Also, Metroid Prime finally comes out today!!! So go buy it. I've got it preordered, so with shipping, I probably won't get it until Wednesday... Mmmm patience...

11-10-02:Star Fox Adventures review

Read my review of Star Fox Adventures in the Games section.

10-6-02: Site Update

Did something I probably should have done a long time ago. I added thumbnails to the Gallery page. So hopefully you should have a better idea of what you're getting before you click. Thinking of doing some other stuff with the site as well, so stay tuned.

10-2-02:New Image/Wallpaper: CubedCubes

Get it in the Gallery

9-24-02:New Software: PlaylistMAN - Winamp playlist plugin

A very simple playlist management plugin for Winamp. Get it here

9-3-02: Metroid Trailer: 404

If you're looking for the Metroid Prime trailer I made, Welcome! Unfortunately, it sucked up quite a bit of bandwidth, so I had to take it down. Namlas from IGNBoards has an MPEG mirror here. rgrant7 has also mirrored the DivX version. Get either the High bandwidth (7MB) version, or the Low bandwidth (3MB) version.

For those of you who don't have a clue what I'm talking about... On Friday IGN posted an editorial article about how Nintendo really needs to push Metroid Prime when it comes out this November, as their advertising hasn't been very aggressive lately. One of the (good) suggestions was an epic, movie-like trailer for the game like they had for the N64 Zelda games. Well, I'm a huge Metroid fan, and I thought it was a good idea, so I threw together some Metroid Prime footage with some epic music, and there you have a trailer. It's not perfect by any means, but I liked how it turned out. The problem came when I posted it on the IGN message boards, and it became a bit more popular than I expected. This morning it had used up all my bandwith for the month. So I bought some more bandwidth and took the files down. So if you tried to link to it, you got redirected here. Hence the mirrors above.

8-27-02: New Image: 'Future Moon Base'

A new Bryce/Blender image. Didn't make it a wallpaper because I don't really know if I like it or not. Let me know what you think. Get it in the Gallery

8-19-02:New Software: Winamp m3u Validator

A simple command-line utility. Get it here

7-25-02: Finally...

w00t! We're finally back up. It's about freaking time. I was hoping I'd be able to sit out the major issues Cyberwings is having, but the missed deadlines and lack of communication finally got to me. I still have my account there and may go back eventually, but I'm going to have to see some major improvement in their uptime (duh) and communication methods before I do. PERIOD. Meanwhile, I'm now on Myacen. The prices are reasonable, and they seem to have a pretty good reputation, so I'll hang around here for a while. Also, if you've tried to send email to adam@continuum2.com, I haven't gotten it so please resend.

Updates: There's a new wallpaper called 'Concentric³'. I've wanted to have it up since the 4th, but oh well. I really like it. Get it in the Gallery. Also, my dad is less patient than I am, and wanted me to move his stuff to another server, so I did. The R.T. Smith Photo Gallery is now at http://nightsky100.tripod.com, so be sure to go by and give him some hits to make him happy.

6-11-02:Burnout review

Read my review of Burnout in the Games section.

5-24-02: New Image/Wallpaper: 'Reactor Room'

Get it in the Gallery.

5-2-02: Links page updated

Updated some links of programs that aren't free anymore, or that have moved.

4-30-02:Super Monkey Ball review

Read my review of Super Monkey Ball in the Games section.

3-29-02: New Image/Wallpaper: 'SkyStation 72'

Get it in the Gallery.

3-5-02: XG3: Extreme G Racing review

Read my review of XG3: Extreme G Racing in the Games section.

2-26-02: General updates

You may or may not have noticed, but I've totally redone the site in PHP. (I LIKE PHP) So you shouldn't really notice a difference, but the URLs have changed, so your bookmarks might not work. If they don't, then you're probably reading this now because you've been redirected. Also updated the links page a little.

2-18-02: New Image: 'Speed Limit: Infinity'

Available in the Static Gallery.

1-26-02: New Domain, Pikmin review

The site keeps moving! Sorry, but this is the last time. I upgraded my hosting account to use the domain name, and transferred it to a different registrar for a better price. So everything is set up in the best way possible, and I shouldn't ever have to change it again. The site WILL BE www.continuum2.com (it already is if you're reading this). So update your bookmarks if you have them.

Also, check out my review of Pikmin in the Games section.

1-15-02: Wave Race:Blue Storm Review

Read my review of Wave Race: Blue Storm in the Games section.

1-6-02: Luigi's Mansion Review

Read my review of Luigi's Mansion in the Games section.

1-1-02: Happy New Year, GameCube Reviews

As you can tell by the large image below, I got the GameCube for Christmas (YAY!). Read my first GameCube game review of Rogue Leader in the updated Games section.

12-26-01: Merry Late Christmas



12-14-01: New Image: "Pixel in Style" magazine cover

This month's Nebulus Graphics Challenge is to design a cover for a fictional design magazine called "Pixel in Style", with a cover story called 'Plugins: Trippy or Trashy?'. Here is my entry.

12-10-01: New Image: "The Cookie Jar"

This image was made for an upcoming section on BibleChristian.com. I modelled the jar in Blender and rendered the scene in Bryce. I really liked how it turnd out. See it in the Static Gallery.

11-30-01: Relaunch

Whoa. Things are a little different, aren't they? Yes friends, welcome to the newest version of The Continuum website. There are many changes, and I would like to quickly go over them:

1. New webhost. NO ADS! HALLELUJAH!! Yes, I finally put down the money to get a real, reliable web host, rather than the sorry free hosts I have dealt with for the past two years or so. True, they were a pretty good deal for free, but in the dot-bomb economy, free hosts are cutting back services and putting up more (annoying) ads. So when I found an excellent deal, I went for it. My new host is CyberWings, which is an EXCELLENT host. They have incredible deals and awesome service. I signed up on a Saturday night about 6 PM and my site was set up by midnight. Also, the next day I noticed an error in my account. I contacted them, and it was fixed in a matter of minutes. So they don't require ads, but I'm giving them a plug anyway because it's a great service.

2. New design. This is probably the 5th or 6th design change I've done, and I really like it. Built from scratch in Photoshop and written totally in hand-coded HTML and Javascript, with some of the content copied from the old site. It was a pretty smooth transition, as I had already altered the old site to use CSS a couple months ago. Even the 'swirly' logo is new. The old one wasn't very smooth.

3. Changed and upcoming stuff. I have added a update archive at the bottom of this page, which I should have probably been doing all along, but oh well. The Links page has been totally redone, with my new 'Ultimate Free Software List', which is a list of many very good free programs that I find useful. The Continuum Films site, which has my short computer animated film 'The Rescue' is now also on this server. Films.continuum2.com will now redirect there, and it is linked from the Motion Gallery page. Finally, I plan to start doing reviews of Nintendo GameCube games after Christmas (when I get a GameCube, YAY). I intend to give the reviews a little more substance than the N64 reviews.

Well that's most of the new changes. I hope you like it. If you have any comments or find any broken links, etc, be sure to email me and let me know.

11-5-01 Updated with even more pictures > 10-22-01 Check out the new Aurora Pictures.

10-7-01 Abstract fun with Bryce. I've been playing around with various 3D modelling programs, trying to get the hang of the concepts. But it seems that I can still come up with a more interesting image in about a half-hour by just playing around in Bryce. Two spheres and a plane. That's all it took for my latest image, with wallpaper, Not Quite Infinite.

9-29-01 As you may have noticed, the site has changed ever so slightly. Mainly just the changed link colors/fonts. A little bit cleaner code too. Hooray for stylesheets. Also have added a few more entries to the Nebulus Challenge over the past month, so check them out. And register on that site and vote for me at the end of the month ;).

9-27-01 Be sure to check out the site of my friend James Hodges at BibleChristian.com. Now with streaming audio sermons.

Additional archives thanks to www.archive.org:

7-29-01 Version 2.1 of Explorer Launcher. I fixed the IE5 conflict.

7-24-01 A new image, "F-Zero" in the Static Gallery.

7-15-01 "The Rescue" is now LIVE!!! at the new Continuum Films. Also, new mirrors for the my programs in the Software section, so hopefully the downloads will work now.

7-04-01 Coming Soon: "The Rescue." For about the past month, I've been working on a short film which is titled "The Rescue." It's my first 100% computer generated film. It will probably be rather bad seeing as how this is the first time I've done it this way. However, I'm learning a LOT in the process. I PROMISE it will be MUCH better than Star Trek 44 ;-). I'm doing it primarily in Bryce, along with Flash and Photoshop. Today I finished the animation setups and I'm rendering the remaining scenes now. However, I still have a lot to do including editing + ALL the sound and music. So hopefully it will be finished sometime this month. Interested? Let me know.

Also, I've discovered that there may be an issue with Explorer Launcher and Internet Explorer 5.5. I installed IE5.5 hoping to fix a few problems with IE I was having, and ExLaunch didn't work right anymore. With the default settings, it will only open to the 'Desktop.' It has something to do with the explorer.exe command line, which is what the program is based on. I really don't understand why M$ would have changed that. Between that and another feature of 5.5, I was annoyed at it and uninstalled back to 5.0. Everything works fine again. If you've had any problems with it, sorry. I can't really do anything about it without totally re-writing the program. This could just be me, I don't know.

So anyway, Good night. God bless. And God bless the United States of America.

5-05-01 Well I don't know what's happened to my Xoom/NBCi account. They never were very reliable. So anyway, I moved all my game reviews to this server, if you care. The game reviews were always just for my own amusement anyway. Namezero kept bugging me about upgrading my account, so I went ahead and paid for it to get that stupid banner off the bottom. In other news, I finally got Roadrunner and it rules. Broadband is the way the internet was meant to be. E3 is only a week and a half away, which means the GameCube news drought will finally be over!! Be sure to watch IGNCube for tons of news about the event. Finally, yet another amazing trailer has been released for the Final Fantasy Movie. It's just amazing. I can't wait to see the movie. Download it.

4-07-01 Although you wouldn't know from looking at it, I changed the Static Gallery page by adding some really slick Javascript. This will make administration of that page a little easier. It also reduced the filesize of that page by 3.6 KB. A monument to efficiency ;). Most images now link to the Continuum Image Viewer page. This page was also made so linking to images would be easier. There is a new experimental movie in the Motion Gallery

2-17-01 IGNCube has reported that Metroid 4 for GameCube is going to be a first person shooter. Series loyalists cringe at the thought, but I am hopeful that Retro will be able to pull it off well. Anyway, as a tribute to Super Metroid, and a look ahead to M4, I have made a new image, Through Samus' Eyes.

2-12-01 New pictures in the Still Gallery. These are my entries to the nebulus.org graphics challenge.

1-23-01 Review of Majora's Mask.

12-19-00 Reviews of Mario Tennis and Banjo-Tooie. Sorry for the lack of updates, I don't seem to have much new content these days. Hopefully that will change after Christmas. If I don't get back to the site in the next week, Merry Christmas.

11-15-00 Updated the links section a bit. Also, the new trailer for the Final Fantasy movie is up, and it's pretty awesome. Get it here.

10-25-00 Are you a Christian? If so, check out my new picture. Want to find out more?

10-20-00 Experimental Lightsaber movie in the Motion Gallery.

8-10-00 As you may have noticed, the site has changed a little bit. Now all areas of the site are accessible from the navigation bar, which is on every page. Mouseover the buttons to see what each one leads to. A couple of pages have been totally redone, especially the Software section. Look around. It looks better in IE than Netscape. If you have an idea how to fix this, let me know. Enjoy.

8-4-00 A new picture, Dark Skies, in the Gallery.

8-2-00 Due to finding a very good compression program at www.jpg.com , I have made most of the images in the Static Gallery larger.