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Associated sites:

Bible Christian Outreach - visit the site of my friend James Hodges. I did the current design and work with the site director on various projects.

Ninjitsoo! - The Ninja Search Engine

The Trail of Truth - The book project that I illustrated. Please buy a copy and tell your friends about it.

Continuum Cafepress Shop - Buy stuff with my artwork on it.

Continuum Zazzle Shop - Buy high quality posters of my artwork.

Continuum MySpace - My site on MySpace.

Computer Barn - The computer shop where I am currently working. I also did the current website design. If you're in the Danville/Blairs/Chatham, Virginia area, come check us out.

Taylor Waterstoves of Blairs - My company also sells Taylor Waterstoves. I did the current site design as well.

The R.T. Smith Photo Gallery - My father's online photo gallery.

The Ultimate Free Software List!!!:

2D Graphics:

The GIMP - Very powerful, free image editor.

Irfanview - Best free image viewer EVER. Also includes many useful simple editing features. A must-download.

Google Picasa:

3D Graphics:

Blender - BLENDER LIVES in open source!! Free 3D modelling/animation program. The interface is not very intuitive, so be sure to read the Guide on the Blender site. It's very impressive for a free program, and now that it's open source and in active development, it keeps getting better and better.

Wings3D - A very nice open source modelling program. Fairly easy to learn.

Terragen - A free 3D landscape creator. Impressive output, but not as easy to use as something like Bryce. Mirror

Millennium 3D - Textures, models,tutorials and lots of other free stuff.


VirtualDub - A very useful video editing tool. Very fast processing.

AVIEdit - Another video editing tool. Not as feature packed as VirtualDub, but good converting a series of bitmaps to AVI video.

RealProducer Basic - (aka Helix) Use this to compress video in the RealPlayer format for publishing on the Internet.

DDClip - A free video editing program. Most useful for its multitrack audio editor.

DivX codec - One of the better and more popular AVI video codecs on the internet.


Winamp - King of audio players. Incredibly expandable through skins and plugins.

Audacity - A very nice open source audio editor

Modplug Tracker - A free tracker, which allows you to make music from sound samples.

Exact Audio Copy - Probably the best CD ripping solution. Use the LAME codec with "--r3mix" option for optimum filesize and quality.

dBpowerAMP Music Converter - A REALLY slick audio converter. Supports a lot of formats through plugins.

Musicmatch Jukebox - An all-in-one music ripper/player/converter.

System Utilities:

Spybot: Search & Destroy - A MUST HAVE PROGRAM to keep your system running well. I work at a computer shop and Spyware/Adware is probably the number one cause of system slowness, instability and pop-up ads. Like an antivirus for spyware, Spybot will get the junk out of your computer. You'll probably also want to get AdAware as well.

Mozilla Firefox - The alternative browser that is taking the world by storm. Much more secure than Internet Explorer, Built in pop-up blocking and junk mail filtering. See also the Thunderbird email client. Highly Recommended. But if you insist on using IE/OE, check these programs out:

POPFile - A free spam filtering tool. A bit complicated to set up, and not a perfect filter (no such thing), but well worth the trouble to send that spam straight to the trash!

Pop-up Stopper FREE Edition - One of the few good, free pop-up stoppers I've seen. Works pretty well, but sometimes blocks TOO MANY windows.

AVG Antivirus - A free antivirus program. Also if you can't install the program for whatever reason, use the free online scanner at Trendmicro Housecall.

ZoneAlarm - Personal firewall program.

Utilities and Productivity Tools:

OpenOffice - THE MS Office KILLER. Is mostly compatible with MS Office. It will read and write MS files, but the formatting gets messed up occasionally. The newest versions also have support for PDF export.

CDBurnerXP Pro - A free CD/DVD burning utility. Works quite well.

Google Earth - A really cool mapping program. Makes use of Google maps data, but with a better interface.

7zip - A free zip utility.

WS_FTP - is no longer free. Try FileZilla instead.

Crimson Editor - my text/code editor of choice. See also: 1st Page 2000.

Visual Studio Express Editions - Free, lightweight versions of the Microsoft Visual Studio products.

Bloodshed Dev C++ - A free C/C++ development environment. I haven't used it much, but it seems pretty good.

AnalogX - an l33t programmer who has written many small applications. Some are very useful.

WOW, that's a lot of software! Now back to the links:

Technology information resources:

TechTV - The ScreenSavers and Call for Help WERE about the only thing on television worth watching. Unfortunately, TechTV got owned by G4, who basically drove the channel into the ground. It was fun while it lasted. Long live ZDTV!

Webmonkey - An excellent site to learn about webpage technologies. Many tutorials; the one on Javascript is excellent.

W3Schools - A very good reference on how to use web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

Microsoft Developer Network Library - Tons of information on programming.

dvGarage - Really cool training and software for working with digital video, images, and 3D. If you're looking to get into 3D, the 3D Toolkit is a pretty nice product for the price (IF you have a fast computer). Also, if you're serious about getting into the visual effects industry, join the Pixel Corps. The best deal you'll ever find.

Cambridge in Colour - Some interesting tutorials on Photoshop and digital imaging in general, along with some very cool photography of Cambridge, UK.

Video Games:

GameLender - Very nice online game rental program.

IGNCube - The leading site for Nintendo news, rumors, reviews, and media.

Planet GameCube - Another excellent Nintendo news and information site. Updated throughout the day.

The Video Game Music Archive - Tons of MIDIs from all kinds of games.

Overclocked Remix - The original site for fan-made video game music arrangements. Lots of different games in lots of different styles. See also: VGMix2 which has a very nice open submission and ranking system, and Project Majestic Mix.

N - A really cool flash based game. With Ninjas!

Other Links:

Google Adsense: -

I use Google Adsense for ads on the site now. It's free to set up, and is a good way to deliver relevant ads to your site

Google Adwords: -

OR, if you want to advertise on the Google network, sign up for Google Adwords. Their program is very easy to use and gives you a lot of control over your advertising, including budget and keyword options.

FREE MONEY - Yeah right. Actually it does work, but it's only a few cents per day. Sign up for PaidEmail and you will get money for clicking on the links in the email they send you. Just don't expect to get rich quick. Also see: Inboxdollars - A great Photoshop resource. Lots of tutorials and TONS of links. - Free stock photography for personal use. Nice quality and selection.

2advanced Studios - Just really cool Flash animation. They do have a free Winamp skin that I like a lot.

TheForce.Net Fanfilm Theater - A site with lots of Star Wars fanfilms. Be sure to check out the Best lightsaber fight scene EVER.