Continuum Javascript Ratio Calculator

Base Ratio:

Result Ratio:

This is a very simple ratio calculator. It can be used for many purposes, but my main goal was for working with digital imaging. For example, let's say I had a picture I wanted to crop for a standard desktop resolution (4:3 aspect ratio). In the base ratio column, enter the ratio you want to achieve (in this case, 4 in the top box, and 3 in the bottom box). The result will change accordingly. Now, whenever you change a value in the result column, the other number will change to fit that ratio. So if my picture was 1000 pixels wide, I would enter 1000 in the top box. The bottom box will change to 750. So I would crop my image to 1000x750 to get the desired aspect ratio. A simple example, but it's a very simple program. Play around with it, and maybe you'll find some use for it.

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