Story: The sequel to Banjo-Kazooie, probably the best platformer on N64. There is a story which is explained in a long cut-scene at the beginning of the game. I won't spoil it for you.

Graphics: One of the highlights of B-K was the beautifully textured graphics. Well, this time they are even sharper, along with lighting effects... all at the cost of the framerate. It doesn't make the game unplayable, but the framerate is noticably bad. Nonetheless, the still image quality is incredible. To see a comparison between BK and BT, click here.

Sound: More dynamic music and good sound effects. Nothing revolutionary, but very high quality.

Play Control: All the moves you learned in the first game, plus a whole lot more. You can now separate Banjo and Kazooie in some areas. You can also play as Mumbo-jumbo, and morph into other forms like in the first game.

Play Value: Yes, it is another collecting game, but in the time that I played it, I didn't think it was nearly as tedious as DK64. The puzzles are fresh and innovative and the game is very funny. However, once you finish it, you might not want to play it again for a while because this game is HUGE!!!

Rating: E - Everyone. Cartoony violence. One character is killed at the beginning of the game. If you wanted to be really picky, some of the jokes could be taken the wrong way.

Summary: There is no way you will beat this game in one rental. But you should at least rent it if you don't buy it. It is an excellent, witty game. One of the best on the system.

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