Story: Well, you knew there would be a Donkey Kong 64 sooner or later. Same story as the SNES DKC series. Defeat King K. Rool and get DK's bananas back. Ooooh, banana...

Graphics: This is the first game to REQUIRE the N64 expansion pak. While the graphics aren't quite as sharp as Rayman 2 (or maybe even Banjo-Kazooie for that matter), What really stands out is the dynamic lighting effects. In some areas, I think Rare put swinging lights for no other reason. Anyway, it does look pretty good. The framerate is good most of the time except in some of the larger areas, where there are noticable frame drops when you move quickly.

Sound: More variations on a theme, like in Banjo-Kazooie. The music is pretty typical, but it does include the jungle theme from DKC1. The opening rap song is just a bad thing.

Play control: The control of the characters is pretty good, but the camera can be a major pain sometimes.

Play value: This is another collect-a-bunch-of-stuff game. It took me about 30 hours to beat, and I have about 70-80% of the items found. There is a multiplayer mode, but as long as this game is, I don't see much replay value. You'll probably spend more time playing the old Donkey Kong and Jetpac games hidden in the game.

Rating: E - Everyone. The kongs use guns that shoot coconuts, pineapples, etc. There is one use of the word "hell" in the opening rap song, but the song is so annoying, you'll probably cut it off before then.

Summary: If you liked Banjo-Kazooie, Rayman, Mario 64, etc., etc...

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