Story: Same old story. The princess is captured by Bowser, Mario has to to save her, etc.

Graphics: This was the first game for the N64 and at the time, the graphics were very impressive. This was also one of the first fully 3-D games.

Sound: Typical Mario type music. Mario and the princess talk for the first time, which was nice.

Play control: Good use of the analog stick, and easy to do moves.

Play value: This was the first fully 3-D game, as I said, and it was revolutionary. This is the reason people bought the N64, because this game was so much fun. I wasn't even going to get one right away until I played this game. It also has some replay value since you have to collect the 100 stars.

Rating:K-A, Kids to Adults Mild cartoonish violence.

Summary: Although this game has already been surpassed, it set the standard for the 3-D third person adventure game. Lots of Fun.


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