Story: As Fox McCloud, you must save the Lylat system from the evil space monkey, Andross. Ok, so he's not really a monkey, he's a big brain, which makes even less sense.

Graphics: The graphics on this game are quite good. There are some nice cinema scenes and water effects.

Sound: Obviously missing is the music of the original Starfox. This game has a lot of voice samples, especially from your wingmen. Although this is an interesting idea, the voices leave MUCH to be desired. Slippy the frog sounds like a girl, and the lamest line in the entire game is where he says, "Your carcass is mine"(please don't hurt me!:(

Play control: Pretty good. It's hard to hit targets by just shooting, but if you lock on to them, it's easy.

Play Value: This was a fun game, but it wasn't long enough. I beat it the day I got it and beat the hard level two days later. After three weeks, I had found everything and lost interest very quickly. Maybe if they had taken the voices out and put more levels.

Rating:K-A Kids to Adults Mild violence involving shooting down enemy robots and ships.

Summary: Fun but not long enough.

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