Winamp m3u Validator

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Version 1.0


Description: This is pretty useless now, as newer versions of Winamp will do this in the Media Library. It was more an experiment in programming than anything. The first real program I've written in C that actually does something. If you use playlists in Winamp 2, you might know that they are stored in m3u files. If you delete the original file on the disk, the entry is still in the m3u file. This program goes through and checks the playlist entries to see if they point to valid files, and if they don't, it clears that entry. The playlist is stored in a new file so that it doesn't overwrite your old playlist if something goes wrong. Like I said it's pretty useless as Winamp will just skip over the file entries that aren't there anyway.

Note that this program does NOT check ID3 tags or anything else, just whether the file is there or not. It is Windows command line only. I was going to write a VB frontend to it, but I couldn't quite get it to work right, and for such a simple program, it's kind of overkill. If there is significant demand (which I highly doubt), I will add that option in the next version.

HELP: Type "m3uvalid ?" for help.

USAGE: m3uvalid [original file] [filename to save to]
Example: m3uvalid c:\\music\\myplaylist.m3u playlistcopy.m3u

[original filename] the playlist you want to validate. must be absolute path.
i.e. c:\\music\\playlist.m3u not playlist.m3u
[filename to save to] must have an .m3u extension, but does not need a path. It will be saved in the same folder as the original file.


Version 1.0 Original release

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