Nebulous I: The Father of Lights

Description: Created: May 31, 2012. God is a much better artist than I am. This much should be obvious, He is the Father of Lights, the creator of all vision, color, and pattern. So taking a sliver of creation and manipulating it produces far better art than I can come up with on my own.

I've wanted to do a nebula piece for quite a while, but every time I've started, it never turns out the way I want. I can't find the shape, light and shadow to make it look right, so eventually I give up. Recently, I've been interested in doing more photography, especially of clouds, storm clouds in particular. Well, I always like to play around with images looking for inspiration. So when I took some cloud pictures and blew out the levels in photoshop... hey, that looks like a nebula, and a really good one at that. Do that about 6 times, edit them together, add a starfield, tweak some colors and you have this. I was surprised how well and how quickly this turned out. I may turn this into a series, it just depends on what new pictures I find and if time permits. Hope you enjoy.

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