Continuum Films

These are short films/animations I've done for fun. I've removed some of the older videos that were just effects tests.

Smith vs Dynamite - A parody fanfilm of the Matrix and Napoleon Dynamite. Available on YouTube and Myspace Video. Or, for a higher quality downloadable version, CLICK HERE (16.9MB, Quicktime)

The Rescue - A short film I did back in the summer of 2001. It's computer generated, done in Bryce and Flash. It took me about a month and a half to do, and I learned a lot in the process as I was still relatively new to Bryce at the time. (10 MB, RealPlayer format)

The Rescue Reloaded - Same movie as above, I just went back a few years later and "pulled a George Lucas". I rerendered it at a higher resolution and fixed/tweaked some of the effects. (16.6 MB, Quicktime)

Metroid Prime Concept Trailer - I'm a huge Metroid fan, and was greatly anticipating the release of Metroid Prime (which turned out to be probably the greatest game in this generation of consoles, read my review). So on Labor Day weekend of 2002, I threw together this trailer of various footage from IGN and GameSpot. Add some epic music from "Starship Troopers", and you have a pretty nice trailer. I posted it on IGNBoards and it quickly spread across the net. Within 12 hours I had used up my 2GB of bandwidth for the month and had to buy more. Now it's back up. Kudos to Retro Studios and Nintendo for doing such a fine job on the game. I'm looking forward to the sequel. Done in Premiere 6 Trial Version (7 MB, DivX AVI)