This is older content that I am no longer working on or supporting. It has been reorganized here in an attempt to make the artwork the main focus of the site.

Continuum Software
Programs that I wrote for my own use, education, and amusement. You may or may not also find them useful. I have opened the source code for these programs so that you may develop them further if you wish.

Photoshop 4 Tutorials
These are some tutorials I wrote for Photoshop. Although they still work, they are a bit dated, as the current version is 7 (soon to be version 8 aka CS), and there are better ways to do many of them. For more tutorials, visit the extensive list at

Video Game Reviews
Reviews of Nintendo GameCube games and short reviews of Nintendo 64 games. I love video games and still love to play them when I have the time. However writing reviews that almost nobody reads is not a priority for me anymore. For more in-depth and better reviews, visit IGNCube or GameSpot.

Continuum Films
These are short films/animations I've done for fun.